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At RUDE we believe Hairdressers make a massive difference to peoples lives… they transform the way we look, feel and value ourselves… giving us style, beauty and stacks of confidence.

It’s not easy being a stylist, the pressure is massive to make your clients feel like a million dollars… and your trusted scissors and shears have to get it right time and time again.

That’s why we wanted to give you something which will make your life easier, protect your precious tools AND make you feel amazing…

Having been married to a Hairdresser, Award winning Entrepreneur Sarah Shafi got to see first hand just how difficult it is for busy stylists to keep their essential tools at hand… especially in a fast paced salon.

With a passion for luxurious quality, style & practical design, together with a keen eye for detail, Sarah quickly set to work finding the Finest Italian leather and London’s top Manufacturers to create something extra special…

Rude quickly hit the spot with Hairdressers and Celebrity Stylists worldwide by bringing a stunning range of high quality Tool Belts, Shear & Scissor Pouches and accessories that have become the most trusted and sought after products all over the world.

“Ultra-hip, super practical and definitely sexy, be amongst the best in the world and sling a Rude Tool Belt around your body to feel it become your perfect buddy whilst making a super cool and stylish statement about who you are.”

Sarah Shafi

Sarah Shafi

Award winning Entrepreneur

Send a clear statement to your clients about what type of stylist you are!
Be seen in something that’s more than just a bag.